Welcome to is a source for some rare and hard to find prepping products.  Our inventory fluctuates so check back often for new product releases.  We distribute, design & manufacture some strange hard to find prepping products.  Some products we make here at our facility in Chicago Illinois, and others we import so you always have a variety of products for your prepping needs.  We market to a wide variety of clients, some famous and others just ordinary people looking to enhance their home prepping pantries.  We have some very cool advanced robotic rovers which provide all sort of telemetry back to your high-tech bunkers.  So be sure to check out our site.   We have nuclear-hardened USB Power Centers, Emergency Power Supplies along with some really rare and unique items that will help enhance your bunker or bomb shelter.  Protect your family with quality equipment that will not let you down when emergencies occur.  Stay Strong and be Prepared!